Covid-19 Policy

Additional measures and limitations introduced in order to ensure COVID-19 safe stays at Olicana Park.

The reception is closed to guests, this is our only indoor communal space, and it will be a safer place for everyone if reception remains closed to guests for the time being. If you wish to purchase or borrow any items from reception, please contact us, and we can safely deliver it to you. The reception will be run by staff, as usual, so we will still be here if you need us, the two-pivot windows act as great screens/hatch if required.

At Olicana we are running a self-check-in on arrival, we usually like to welcome new guests personally. But, for now, guests will let themselves into their cabin with assistance from our self-check-in email and video, which will be sent out seven days prior to arrival. 

On the day of arrival, the cabin front door will be unlocked shortly before your expected arrival time; keys will be left on the dining room table, unless discussed otherwise.

Preparing a virus free environment for our guests.

In conjunction with our trade bodies and a previous EHO officer who worked in infectious diseases, we have developed a range of new measures to ensure your property is virus-free:

We have invested in a steam cleaning machine that produces dry steam at 160 degrees C, killing viruses and bacteria on every surface from tabletops to soft furnishings. Every cabin will be steam cleaned before the guest’s arrival, which will sanitise all surfaces and primarily touch high traffic areas.

 All our housekeepers have now completed an in house COVID19 Holiday Let Cleaning specific training from us. They also have a step by step leaflet in every cleaning pack to remind them of COVID safe practise.

 Linen will all be laundered at a temperature sufficient to kill any virus. Mattress and pillow protectors will be changed every changeover alongside oven gloves and kitchen essentials. We have coloured coded bag system for dirty and various clean laundry to ensure there will be no cross-contamination. We will be covering up all linen once it has been washed while stored to allow no contamination in between uses.

 All the properties cutlery, pots, pans and glasses will all be steam cleaned. 

 Our guest Information pack are in plastic wallets and will be sterilised in between each use. However, we encourage guests to use the electronic copy sent out with the booking before your arrival.

Maintaining a virus free environment during guest stays. 

A hand sanitiser will be provided at the kitchen sink of every property.

 Hand wash soap will be provided in every bathroom.

 Any guests with symptoms should immediately contact the park manager for further details, and return to their primary residence.

 Prior to re-opening, all books, magazines and leaflets will be removed from the property. We do have an extensive section on the website of things to do and place to visit in the local area; we encourage people to use it.

Preparing to leave the property.

We urge all of our guests to please strip their bedding (sheets, pillowcases, mattress protectors and pillow protectors) and pack them, together with towels, robes and hand cloths into the red laundry bags provided (left in the bedroom on arrival). This will make our housekeepers’ job much safer.

 Please bag all the rubbish and remove it from the cabin and take to the galvanised bins located in the bins store at the on the right of the entrance gate.

 Please open the windows prior to departure to air the cabin before our housekeeper’s arrival.

 Please ensure you vacate the cabin by 10 am. This is our standard checkout time, but it is currently more critical than ever that we have enough time to prepare the property for the next guests safely.

Covid-19 prior to arrival.

What to do if you or anyone in your group experiences any of the critical symptoms of COVID19 before or during your stay. (persistent cough, temperature, loss of taste or smell). 

 If anyone in your group experiences any of the critical symptoms of COVID19 in the two weeks prior to your stay, please do not travel to stay with us, please contact us immediately. We will be sensitive to your situation and try to organise to either get you re-booked or refunded.